Brethren, not in Blood, but in Bond.

This man of many passions (an apt honorific if ever one existed) can easily be recognized as avid endorser of the arts. His musical knowledge admittedly dwarfs mine, though I'm vehemently invested in catching up. Regardless, we've many common interests, and as such discuss them often. One such absorption, recently realized, happens to be the music of a one Bob Zimmerman, or Bob Dylan. Now, in my younger years, my ears remained closed to the old ways. I was a prudent student of the new school, it took some time for me to see how impossibly vast the world of music is. However, once my epiphany officialy overturned my opinions, I began ravenously devouring art of any and every medium, abandoning myself to the (Apollonian? Dionysian? Both, perhaps.) ecstasies born of inspiration in cultivation. And still, more lay ahead. You see, these respective realms, startlingly spectacular when standing alone, become increasingly incredible when combined. One such example, is the specific event which turned me on to Mr. Zimmerman.

The miraculous might of this introduction cannot be described by any words I know. The fact that the lyrics speak of times changing, while the visuals depict a history beginning as the one behind our world (albeit housing some influential fictional individuals), and then slide smoothly, almost deceptively calmly, to re-arrange what I thought I knew about what I was watching left me speechless. Evidently, it does to this day still. That moment, when the soldier fires, when the rifle reports, disregarding completely the serene stem and bright bloom placed within the muzzle. That moment, underscored by Bob Dylan's wise voice and wiser words proclaiming changing times, forcing you to heed. That is the collaboration of mediums. That is, simply, sight and sound. Two senses together extending inward, into my consciousness, an understanding neither could have accomplished alone. Utterly beautiful. These arts, and all others, are the brethren I speak of.


Kenton Larsen said...

You're a poet and a prince - as shown in your words and color palette.

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