Lead Lives. Leadened Lives.

Within the hours of the day preceding this one, your humble narrator conversed with a compatriot concerning the pace and pursuits of our lives. Neither he nor I have ever missed a year of institutionalized education. While these days of dutiful diligence will certainly prove fruitful, tempus fugit.

I realize how ridiculous it is to feel that my footfalls are already approaching the end, but isn't the intention to toil in labor for the duration of one's life? If that is to begin before this program ends, when, then, can the flowers be smelt,  the fantastical dreams be pursued?

Ahh, but alas, does not the imagination feed agitation? Does not one's own mind instill enormity and impossibility into initially understandable issues?

I know such as I stipulated is not the case, but simply the frantic ravings of youth alarmed at its approaching end. However, with advancing age comes increasing experience, I intend to attain wisdom, thus I must wait.

Tisn't terrible, though, I've much with which to occupy my time. Maybe tomorrow it'll all make sense.

That definitely does.


Kenton Larsen said...

Next blog topic: "What is learning?" The answer: no one knows!

Adam said...

You are a riddle wrapped in an enigma, Chuka. Mmm philosophical crepes.

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