Nocturnal Hallucinations

Dreams are most definitely peculiar phenomena. As was mentioned in the recently released Inception, dreams don't seem strange until afterwards. During the dream itself, all seems normal, as bewildering as that may be. But then, I suppose it isn't so much the nature of the events that bewilders, but that mind's ability to both imagine external realities, instill within them an experiencing consciousness that exists in the recesses of that same mind, and fathom all that occurs, simultaneously. And to dream within dreams, that is simply magnificent, the masterful strokes of an experienced artist.

This, then, begs the question; what of this 'waking world', which we supposedly inhabit, is supplemented unconsciously by our mind. What of this life will only seem strange, supernatural, and impossible after we've departed? Product for ponderance, to be sure, though it doesn't seem like an inquiry easily answered.

Inception raises further questions. If dreams could be engineered so specifically, if one could craft landscapes, fashion inhabitants, and outline occurrences, would such realities be preferable to life as we know it? If lines were not drawn, if one could take wing in their cognitive creations, or even just continue to create, yet now in a cosmic sense, would this reality pale in comparison? And if it did, would people flock to their nocturnal hallucinations, trimming evermore minutes from their waking line to experience the impossible at every opportunity?

Imagine, if you will, a dystopian civilization defined by a drastic dichotomy, a yawning chasm separating the 'Wakers' and the 'Dreamers'. Tisn't an impossibility, if the technology existed. I'm certain I would craft dreams if I could, and set aside time to dwell pleasantly within them, perhaps emulating a simple happiness which eludes so many of us. At very least, try it out. But, if such contentment could be manufactured, would it be sought in earnest? Who knows? Not I.

Anyway, farewell for now friends. Dream well.


Kenton Larsen said...

Great blog post. Dreamy.

Melanie Lee Lockhart said...

I haven't seen Inception yet, but I hope to sooner rather than later.

I am, though, sometimes aware of being in a dream, and can remember times when I've willed myself to stay asleep because the dream was so good.

Duncan McMonagle said...

What the heck are those interminable castle/ snow scenes about in Inception?
Even my dreams make more sense than they do.

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