Incredibly Edible Audio: A IIIlogy

On the album Float by Aesop Rock, three short instrumentals appeared in which the producer of the album, Blockhead, was given an opportunity to exhibit his considerably ability. These songs were titled Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with Blockhead.

On the actual CD the songs are separated and distributed throughout the album, however I was unable to locate them individually. The quality of audio in the linked video leaves much to be desired. I encourage you all to procure the productions through other means and listen to them again. These instrumentals embody intensity, a term described by university professor Tracy Whalen as "immensity in a small space." That is precisely what they are.

Breakfast With Blockhead
Slower start to the day. The sun touches the horizon, glidingly smiling. The heart starts anew, a true beat in one's chest. The horn sounds, awakening abounds, energy is found, ascending in the now. The beat has a casual tempo, simultaneously calming and invigorating. It lays the groundwork of what is to come, readies the recipient for untold wonders. The perfect prologue.

Lunch With Blockhead
A short jaunt, a jazzy interlude, a glimpse of glorious gait. The music moves together, inducing locomotion in the listener. It's a bare instant of excellence, leaves the ears ravenous for rhapsody. The wavering woodwinds flit wings along melodic machinations. The plump horn bursts feel well underway when they greet you, audibly articulating that this is neither the beginning nor the end.

Dinner With Blockhead
A frantic and fantastical finale. While one skates into this take with the energy of Lunch, the low and loping bass of Breakfast is still fresh in the mind. The strings sing and soar, a shrill trill decorating their lilt. It catches you unaware, carries you into the air. It spares sense and pretense and arrives intent and relentless.

I am obviously a fan of these victuals of vivid vibration, but I welcome your thoughts. If these works are reminiscent of others artists, indeed, advise.

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Chadd Cawson said...

Much thanks on posting this, these samples are dope, I wasn't familiar with this thanks for digging up these hidden gems, can't stop listening to it.

Chuka Ejeckam said...

No thanks necessary Chadd, it's truly my pleasure.

Kenton Larsen said...

Nice blog post. Though I've never been comfortable saying that "samples are dope," I'm sure they are. Ha, ha!

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