The Mayoral Forum

I wouldn't speak of myself as being even adequately educated in local politics. This is, of course an erring of my own. I was never engaged by its intricacies. I now find myself looking more, listening more, and at the mayoral forum that took place in Red River College on Wednesday, October 5, I wasn't exactly exultant at what I heard and saw.

I can honestly say that speaker who I approved of most was Richard Cloutier of CJOB. His questions were directed, at times almost aggressive, and he masterfully moderated the proceedings. He seemed utterly in control of the forum, cutting off the candidates when necessary to ensure both had fair speaking time. However, even his extremely professional and proficient performance couldn't save the event.

Sitting next to one another, Sam Katz and Judy Wasylycia-Leis traded bickering barbs and condescending comments throughout the forum. They joked at one another's expense in an unpleasant, almost embarrassing way, and refrained from answering direct questions with comparably direct answers. I knew that this was to be expected, I myself use the world 'politic' as slang for talking, but I was dismayed that more legitimate statements weren't made.

However, this is not to say that the entire forum was without merit. I did learn a substantial amount about the candidate's respective platforms, especally Wasylycia-Leis plans for community and family revitilization through installation and invigoration of community centres.

More than anything though, what I take away from the experience is the hope to one day witness with mine own eyes the oft spoken of legend, a polite politician.

And, I still think this was set up.


Duncan McMonagle said...

What do you mean by "set up"?

Steve Vogelsang said...

'Err" is a verb. As in you commit an error when you err.

Chuka Ejeckam said...

The 'set up' comment was a joke, I just meant that it'd had been arranged in advance that Mr. Katz would stand by the window while the Coca-Cola trucks were parked outside.

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