Whether You Levitate Or Bend Spoons

The artistic and inspired faculties of the mind fascinate me to no end. That somebody can sit and meditate, turn inward and invent something, anything, and then externalize their creation, is amazing. I would never presume to speak of myself as an artists, but whenever I do create original work of any medium, the experience is infinitely beneficial. It's invigorating, to be enamored with an idea so fully that you must pursue to realization. It's pleasantly disquieting, to toil and tweak and tend to your creation, to cultivate its growth and observe its evolution. It's the greatest thing ever.

Almost as engaging of an experience is witnessing an artist work. More than product, it becomes about the process, the pursuit of the masterpiece. It sparks the artistic flame within the witness, it breeds creativity. Encountering imaginative art has a similar affect. Indeed, the list must be endless which details all that affects, favourably or unfavourably, the work of an artist. I'm certain the specific environment within which work is produced is influential. Take, for example, the Bangkok University Creative Center.

Image courtesy of The Cool Hunter (http://www.thecoolhunter.net/)
Designed by Thailand's Supermachine Studio, the two-story 600 square foot space is meant to foster creativity. These is evident in the design, bold use of color, wide windows, it's meant to be a thinker's space. There is certainly considerable energy in the environment, the flow of the installations, the contrasting components converging to create a diverse and kaleidoscopic space. It's very likely this is an effective approach, that the varied design and interactive setting will succeed in being inspirational. However, I think a much more minimalist approach can also be effective.

Image courtesy of The Cool Hunter
Behold the Sleep Box. Tokyo's Capsule Inn employs these in abundance. I can see that small room being as artistically beneficial as the BUCC. Of course only two people, three at most, could utilize such a space simultaneously, but the seclusion these quarters offer could be just what one requires to topple a creative block. I can imagine locking myself within one of these distraction deprivation tanks and surrounding myself with work for hours on end.

On an unrelated note, this is just bananas. Much respect to Tomas Nilsson.

SlagsmÄlsklubben - Sponsored by destiny from Tomas Nilsson on Vimeo.


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