Stunted Cinema

The City Life Film Project is an initiative to assist urban youth in becoming filmmakers, an aspiration which may not seem conceivable to them.

I don't mind this spot. Indeed, for the first 30 seconds I really enjoyed it. However, I feel the copy after 'This film was never made', becomes trite due to it's length. The impact of the white screen and black copy when one is expecting dynamic and colourful visuals lessens when the audience sees the third third sentence. I perhaps would have opted for two sets of copy.

'This film was never made.

The young man who would have made it died due to stray gunfire.'

And then;

'Help keep this from happening again. Support The City Life Film Project.'

The fifth and final copy card can stay, but even then it feels too much.

I like the idea though, and it certainly captures attention in its opening seconds.


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