Of Sound Mind; An Extrapolation

When last we convened I discussed the wing-waking powers of symphony. I assure you, I'm aware the escape-allowing abilities of audio could never be contained in words, just as infinity defies definition in diction, but still I wish to extend this dialogue. Not only can music alter the listener's mind state, not only can it attribute itself to the atmosphere, but it transmits the imagination of its creator.

The audio element of a specific piece serves to complement the words inestimably effectively. In the piece below, the arrangement illustrates with ease the coolest cat, a Latin lilt to his gait. You can hear the tilt of his brim,the burning cigarette between his lips. The bass grooves just like the dude, unwavering rhythm with a couple dance steps for effect. The percussion isn't unnecessarily fancy, it lays low, mostly just spices the tempo. The quiet cat in the crew. But it strikes when the iron's hot, presses points of emphasis, knows itself without question. The horns are where we see subtle extravagance, fading in and out just like the limper of these lyrics.



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