Adividuals #1; David Driedger

I've decided to begin a series on my blog to expressing appreciation for those around me. Each post will celebrate a specific person, and present an advertisement that expresses their personality. The first is the honest and honoured David Driedger.

Let's be honest. David Clyde Montgomery Driedger is The Man among men. A man we all hope to be like one day. He walks into a room and all take notice; his regal gait, his incomparable presence. His strong hands never far from a perspiring emerald bottle. He dresses impeccably, never a skewed collar are shoddily buttoned shirt to be seen adorning him. He speaks with sage wisdom and calm fortitude, his punctuation the golden valleys between olympic mountains. He is shrewd, witty, and endlessly intruiging. He is precisely this...


Anonymous said...

I could totally see Dave breaking out into a flute solo right before having a beer.

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