Adividual's #3; Timothy Horn

When Timothy Clark Fitzgerald Horn studied the annals of masculinity, he stopped in the 1960's. And rightfully so, for this time suits him more than any other.

Called 'Clarkie' by his contemporaries, this man is just that. A man. his weaknesses slink hidden, defeated and discarded, and his impossibly notable character is matched only by the luxurious quality of his hair. He is as comfortable smoking a cigarette underneath a dank dripping awning hanging precariously from its hinges as he is nursing a bottle of scotch and a past aching to be told. His manner is that of a gentleman, a Bond. He was The Most Interesting Man In the World's understudy. No word of a lie.

 Not many commercials could encompass the majesty of a character such as Clarkie. Even this one fails to do so. But, he mentioned to me it's a favourite of his. And who am I to argue with a man such as him.



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