Copy Full of Bourbon

In 1985, Tom Waits released the masterful record entitled Rain Dogs. To promote this album (in Japan, evidently) a few short television spots were produced. Rather than create plots for the ads, they simply let bleed through the character of a man already steeped in stories. They know the product well, and the audience even better. As a fan of the man and his music, these spots make me giddy.

The name Rain Dog Creative comes from the album and the song itself, but also in part from this. I've never found TV spots for any other Tom Waits album, and these are just magnificent advertisements. The agency title is in part a nod and bow to this campaign.

Of the album, Rolling Stone wrote, "[the] finest portrait of the tragic kingdom of the streets." And as always in civilization, those rat-ridden alleys must have a ruler.


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