The Livid, the Lucid, the Lunacy

Countdown - HD from Desrumaux Celine on Vimeo.

As I've spent more time consuming the creations of those well versed in the worlds of digital media design, I've come to appreciate videos like this far more. Of course, I always understood that such productions were a skill, and required the hand of the patient and prodigious, but that appreciation has evolved to near idol worship. The sequence, though at moments expressing the opinions of a studied minimalist, is staunchly also recognizable as an exercise in intricacy. The slowly sliding circles that represent refracting light as the rocket perches poised on the launch pad. The astronaut's hidden visage belied and betrayed by his evocative ocular organs. The first-person-perspectives are bewilderingly visceral, they connect your experience to that of the astronauts effortlessly. CĂ©line Desrumaux weaves mastery.

It would extend my studies considerably to attempt education in this art, but I could almost be convinced. As an individual concerned considerably with creation, the ability to materialize the madness one sees in their own mind, the make real the ridiculous manifestations of their consciousness...such a feat is incalculably valuable. Words work wonders, by all means, but sometimes to illustrate internal images is all the mind needs to reach tranquility. I dearly hope that in the coming years I'm at least introduced to this act. Opi (plural of opus?) like the ones above and below are simply too enticing to ignore.

'Yankee Gal' from Yankee Team on Vimeo.


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