Adividuals #4; Hayley Brigg

If there's one thing Hayley Gwendolyn Tabatha Brigg loves in this world, it's soccer. So much, in fact, is her adoration for the spot, that she will bare both teeth and blade if she hears it referred to as soccer. To her it is, and shall always be, football. She once told me she lives and will die by the creed of the well-known hooligan film Green Street.

These posts are meant to describe the essence of the person they pertain to. For Hayley, soccer is her essence. She refers to her home as 'The Pitch', and keeps a pair of cleats on her wherever she goes. As such, I could only describe her personality with ads relating specifically to the sport. The following spot for FIFA 12 falls a little short of her own commitment, but everything does.

During the FIFA World Cup of 2010, Nike ran a campaign directly related to soccer, despite their not being a sponsor of the tournament. I was with Hayley when she saw the 'Write The Future' spot for the first time. I've never seen her so moved. She wept for a solid two minutes and swore to only wear Nike cleats for the rest of her life. I completely understood.



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