Magic Lamp PR

As my education has advanced, I've begun to notice the traits of a skilled communicator. Someone who knows their audiences. Someone who skillfully crafts messages while adhering nigh religiously to the brand and purpose. It is of my now somewhat educated opinion that Genie from Aladdin is perhaps the best PR person ever seen.

He dons a human guise at first, presenting himself in a form his audience will react warmly too. Then the marching men chant in favour of Prince Ali, invoking a third-party endorsement. Genie strikes the hot iron here, commencing the dissemination of his message. He goes through the multitude of onlookers, engaging individuals specifically and fostering support for his claims. his message is simultaneously entertaining and on-strategy, the audience has no choice but to identify with it.

Genie then takes his tactics to an entirely new tier. He's planned activities for his audience that persuades them to interact with Prince Ali, convinces them of his claims, and even offers participatory glee to the members of the audience that aren't directly interacting with Ali. It's masterful, really.

From voluptuous maiden to rambunctious youth he dons whatever form fits his audience. And that says nothing of the song, a manner of extending copious information to his target public while making the message entertaining and impressively memorable. He evens wins over individuals directly opposed to his client, named Iago, Jafar's avian minion. This is an exhibition of PR excellence. Take notes, my friends.


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