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I was raised on hip hop, it was the primary soundtrack for my formative years. My musical tastes have expanded dramatically since then, but a love of hip hop is still rotted deep within me. As such, a while ago I came across a Chicago MC by the name of Diverse. The first song of his I heard was 'Uprock' a fantastically percussive track produced by the acclaimed creator of the Mad Men theme, RJD2.

It just feels good. The beat has that old school bounce that inevitably endears all hip hop heads, and the lyrics are more than decent. Lines like "animated like Saturday mornings" simply charm. The song has a distinctly hip hop feel, and opening the first verse with "B-Boy essential like oxygen," and including a nod to Nas' 'The World Is Yours' (a song everybody remembers) shows Diverse is well aware of this. I fully intend to dig deeper into his catalogue, hopefully the man has music to offer. Check him out, folks.


Michael Badejo said...

Diverse is pretty fly, like his sound. J. Cole is by far my new hip-hop hero, though.

Still gonna grab some tracks from Diverse. Shoutouts to Chicago.

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