Branded Films

Whiskeys, ryes, brandys, they all seem to stress the camaraderie of imbibing in their advertising. With campaigns like the above 'Wiserhood', they always present their spirit as telling of a nobleman who keeps premium company, and has earned his place at the table he drinks at. However, sometimes these brands will step outside the 30-second template and create a broader narrative. Often the premise is the same, the bond of brotherhood, but the larger storyscape allows for more focused attention on the characters. The audience has the chance to get to know these fictional individuals, endear to them, and has greater potential for identifying with the brand through them. However, this only works if people actually watch these branded films. That is, of course, the question. Is the production costs and time worth the amount of viewers you will receive, knowing full well that someone watching the short film, and even enjoying it, doesn't not guarantee their purchasing the product.

One example of branded films are the Chivas Regal productions below, both a toast to brotherhood. They are titled Here's to Twinkle and Here's to Big Bear. The trailer for the films is below.

Of the two, I enjoyed Here's to Big Bear considerably more. I think the length of that specific film allows the viewer to establish a rapport with the characters. It gives you enough time to get a sense of their relationship. The inside nature of the conversation their having while sitting about the table, Chivas in hand, underlines the amusing depiction of the story their recanting. The two play off one another well. I feel Here's to Twinkle lacks that engagement, that identification with the characters and their friendship. The toast is a nice wrap-up, and it does evoke a pleasant emotion. Telling stories with the boys over a bevy or two, a very enjoyable experience. Maybe it works exactly the way they wanted it to. It's hard to tell. It's peculiar that these competing products present such similar messages, but Chivas did this one pretty well.


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