Why Was Then, This Is How

The latest issue of Google’s Think Quarterly begins as they all do, with an impassioned soliloquy about a specific facet of the digital age. This being the Creativity Issue, the discourse revolves around the ability of technology to increase creativity, the things it makes possible. “We are never more creative than when we are kids,” it begins, terming children ‘wide-eyed and inquisitive.” It goes on to say that technology has returned to adults that sense of wonderment, allowing us to be “endlessly curious and profoundly creative.” It claims that as children our favourite question is “Why” and that as digitally-integrated adults it can now be, impressively, “Why not”.
It seems there is a point passed over here. While both are certainly honourable inquiries, they’re often more rhetorical than anything else. The crucial question now, is “How”.
Being able to blend media means your story takes life beyond any of them individually. Now, creative toes the line of reality, or even crosses that threshold completely. Think Quarterly itself represents it. The entire publication serves as an advocate for a brand fiercely expanding its offering. At some point, a Google employee answered the question, “How do we present Google as perpetual thought leader while simultaneously charming people and reinforcing the perception of us as an innovative company?” with the response “with a magazine.” With swiftly increasing possibilities in almost every medium, and concertedly in digital and ambient, there are more answers to that “How” question than there ever have been before. What Smart Car’s Argentinean Twitter account did a couple days ago is a lovely example of that.

Over the course of 420-odd tweets, BBDO Argentina created a stop-motion film of a Smart Car driving through a city past adoring onlookers, and then parking between two cars in a way only a Smart Car could. It’s a simple, pleasant experience that takes a specifically textual medium and makes it completely visual. And, it’s just cool.
See it for yourself. @SmartArg


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